Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry in West Jordan, Utah

Sedation and anesthesia ease kids’ pain and anxiety.

The determination of any sedation is dependent on the amount of dental treatment, health, and cooperation of the child. The doctor will determine what type of sedation is best based on your child’s specific needs.

Nitrous Oxide: Also called laughing gas, this works as a mild sedative, which often leaves the child with a feeling of warmth and security. Many patients also describe having a floating sensation. Nitrous helps to eliminate the apprehension, nervousness, and tension associated with dental procedures and allows for a cooperative, well-managed pediatric patient.

Oral Conscious Sedation: If your child has a greater degree of dental anxiety, we may suggest this type of sedation. This type of sedation is completed in-office and does not require the child to be under general anesthesia in order to complete treatment. Your child will be given a liquid medication at the beginning of their appointment that acts as a “sleepy medicine.”

Before any treatment, our staff will give you specific pre-operative instructions. It is important to follow these instructions prior to your child’s dental appointment.

IV Sedation and Hospital: In some cases, extensive dental treatment is needed, and your child is required to remain calm and still for extended periods of time. Because of this, our doctor may recommend that your child’s dental treatment be completed while they are asleep. This allows our team to complete treatment safely and with the highest level of care.

During the appointment, your child is monitored by the doctor, anesthesiologist/nurse anesthetist, and assistants. Your child will continue to be monitored after treatment is completed until the anesthesiologist/nurse anesthetist has cleared them to leave.

The doctor will determine whether treatment can be completed with IV sedation or at the hospital based on the specific needs of the patient.


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