What Can a Pediatric Dentist Do for You?

What Can a Pediatric Dentist Do for You?

Posted by Reading Pediatric Dentistry on Apr 26 2022, 02:12 PM

Pediatric dentists are uniquely qualified to treat your child’s teeth. They know how to build trust with your child right from the start, so they can learn to care for their teeth. They also know to teach your child how to brush and floss properly. 

A pediatric dentist will:

Help your Child Maintain a Healthy Smile

A pediatric dentist is trained specifically to work with children. While pediatric dentists conduct dental cleanings and checkups on children and make sure their teeth are growing in their desired position. 

Help your Child Overcome Dental Fears

Losing baby teeth is an inevitable part of growing up. Parents can help their children prepare for the process by explaining what to expect and positively framing the experience.

However, some children are particularly fearful, so parents may want to consider bringing their child to a pediatric dentist for gentle, compassionate care. A pediatric dentist may be especially helpful for children with special needs.

A pediatric dentist has extensive training and experience, so they’re familiar with the unique needs of children. They can help ease your child’s fears and ensure their visits are as comfortable, painless, and stress-free as possible.

Some children suffer from dental anxiety. It may be rooted in past experiences or in unfamiliar noises or smells. Some children also report feeling anxious due to a lack of control.

Help your Child Maintain Good Oral Health

A pediatric dentist is trained specifically in caring for children. They have received at least two to three years of additional training after dental school. They can apply this knowledge to help your child maintain good oral health.

Pediatric dentists can help your child develop a healthy oral hygiene routine. They can teach your child proper brushing and flossing techniques, which can encourage them to keep up with their oral hygiene.

Help your Child Avoid Dental Problems Later in Life

Pediatric dentists can educate you and your children regarding preventive measures like fluoride treatments and dental sealants to keep cavities at bay. They also provide tips that help to save the teeth from various dental conditions. 

They also provide good dietary plans that can help provide the required nutrition to the teeth. 

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